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We Specialize in Love


It’s always a great pleasure working with the corporate community. It’s 

amazing to know they trust within my services for their event needs. Creating great memories on launch parties , corporations outings to meeting new people . Creating a fun atmosphere to enjoy.


We have created the soundtrack to your special day, it’s our greatest pleasure to be able to share such a beautiful moment with you. Through the laughter from joy and love from everlasting moments of dancing. We thank you for choosing us for your day.

School Dances
& Proms

Every time we are rebooked for a school dance or prom, there is pure excitement from the staff.  Students leaving great memories from previous events. Always bringing the energy to the night. We are pleased to be apart of the youths special day and accomplishments.

Private Celebrations

Private celebrations are epic moments that we cherish to be a part of. Creating the magical moments of sound for your Birthday,Anniversary, Baby showers, Sweet16’s & more. It’s always a pleasure as these events are private and special moments in your lives, thank you for having us apart of it all.

Lighting Solutions

Providing The lighting solution to your event needs. Adding dance floor lighting to capture the fun energetic dance floor scene. Surrounding the event venue with up-lighting bringing a stylish lighting to your event sidewalls or pillars to match your event decor color.

Sporting Events

Attending a sporting event like basketball, football, baseball, family kickball, even sporting tournaments & more is always a fun time for family and friends. It's a great feeling where you can be apart of the game by holding down the crowd between breaks and halftime of the game. Keeping the crowd hype and engaged so the energy level stays up, a great feeling knowing players and fans are enjoying both game and music vibes.

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